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Showcase Terrain is an officially licensed distributor of Reaper miniatures. We also design resin gaming terrain and accessories suitable for many types of RPGs and tabletop wargames including sci-fi, fantasy, steampunk and modern genres.
Beware of imitators selling inferior products. The quality and craftsmanship is far below our product standards. Our products are cast in a high quality soild resin not cheap brittle discount resin. Look at their pictures then look at ours and you will see a huge difference in the quality of the casts. Plaster, gypsum, infused stone or whatever else they call it. Don't waste your money. No matter what they state about psi or strength to make it sound fancy it's all still more or less plaster and is extremely fragile and will shatter or break if dropped or mishandled. Our products are extremely durable, easy to paint and will last a lifetime.
Showcase Terrain, your source for High Quality resin 3D terrain and accessories.
"We are officially licensed by Hirst Arts Fantasy Architecture"
"All images are property of Showcase Terrain or used with permission"
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